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Wednesday, November 6th, 13th & 20th, 5pm-8pm


Beginner’s Cooking Series with Cortney - $150 per person


This new series is for the beginning cook who would like to learn more about food, cooking and how to use their kitchen equipment to the fullest.  If you have ever been too nervous to take a cooking class to learn how to cook, this is the series for you! Cortney will walk you through beginning techniques, tips and recipes with patience and understanding.  We all have to start somewhere – and this is your chance!  We will also be focusing in on kitchen equipment each week so that you can learn how to properly use each piece in your kitchen and what they are actually meant for – even some of the most advanced home cooks are still learning this one.  So, take a chance, make a change and join us in the kitchen! Each class has been structured to give you a comprehensive, well-rounded education that will help you on your journey.  This is a hands-on class.


Week 1:

Intro to Cutlery (Knives, Mandolines and all things sharp)

Is this the one that makes you the most nervous? Do you cut yourself just by looking at a knife?  Fear no more!  You will leave week one with brand new skills with your knives.  This week will teach you the correct way to hold and use a knife, basic technique and tips to make your prep easier.

  • Basic Knife Skills & Safety: How to hold your knives, cut with them, store them and keep maintain them for the best performance. Plus what each shape is meant to do.
  • Handy Cuts for the Home Chef: Learn how to cut an onion, large round fruit like melons, mincing garlic and more.  Get ready to chop! 
  • Mirepoix: What is it, how do you use it and how do you cut it?  We’ll get you all set with the basics.
  • Hidden Vegetable Pasta Sauce: A favorite recipe!  Lots of chopping, so everyone gets practice.  Then we learn how to make pasta sauce from scratch and perfect pasta basics, served with our Rustic Gather Garlic Bread – a fun new way that you can serve bread!


Week 2:

Intro to Appliances

In this week we start with the stove and the oven.  Cortney will teach you what the different cooking terms like roast, braise and bake mean as well as simmer, scold and boil.  Then we move onto our three basic small appliances.  The Food Processor, Blender and Stand Mixer.  These workhorses can make a real difference in your cooking.  Learn how to decide which one to use for which task! And how to use them to their fullest.

  • Stand Mixer: Homemade Focaccia Bread with Homemade Butter
  • Food Processor: Pie Dough (which we will bake into a seasonal pie of the groups choice)
  • Blender: Vinaigrette, Pesto, Salad Basics


Week 3:

It’s the final week and it’s a big one…COOKWARE.  Or pots and pans.  Do you know what all of the different shapes and sizes are for and how they are meant to be used?  Plus we talk about how they are constructed and what to look for when you are buying new cookware.  Then we break out the 4 classic shapes and learn how to use them in recipes geared towards reinforcing technique.

  • Fry Pan (or skillet): Perfect Scrambled Eggs (learn the science behind how to cook eggs)
  • Saute Pan: Caprese Chicken Skillet.  Learn how to dredge and make a simple pan sauce
  • Saucepan: Crème Brulee.  Learn how to temper eggs.
  • Stockpot: Homemade Ricotta.  See curds and whey in action and make your own cheese!

Weds, Nov 6, 13 & 20: Beginner's Cooking Series