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Gather Food Studio  2011 West Colorado Avenue Colorado Springs, CO 80904

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Tuesday, March 3, 6pm-8pm


The Daily Grind with Cortney - $55 per person


Salt & Pepper.  The two most used ingredients in our kitchens.  In this class Cortney will be going over salt and pepper in-depth.  Where does salt come from and how do you know which kind to use in different recipes.  I’ll also be sending you each home with some of my favorite salt so that you can throw away your iodized table salt (immediately!!).  Then we’ll review pepper – Black, green, white, pink, Sichuan…what exactly are they and why are the different?  Then each group will make the same recipe, log their seasoning in detail and we’ll taste them against each other to see how seasoning differently will change the entire flavor of our dish.  This is a hands-on class, with discussion and a salt and pepper tasting.


On the menu:

  • Cacio & Pepe

Tues, March 3: The Daily Grind