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Gather Food Studio  2011 West Colorado Avenue Colorado Springs, CO 80904

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Tuesday, April 14th, 11am-1:30pm

Everyday Ceviche with Dave - $55 per person

Originating in Peru, Ceviche is a raw seafood salad that is mixed with vegetables and herbs and then marinated and “cooked” in citrus juices.  The citrus acids coagulate the proteins essentially making the protein appear cooked, so this salad is never heated and eaten chilled.  This is a hands-on class.

On the menu:

  • Ceviche Nikkei – Japanese Peruvian fusion Ceviche with Scallops (It’s essentially Poke 😊)
  • Ceviche de Champignones – Mushroom Ceviche
  • Ceviche Pulpo - Baby Octopus Ceviche

Ceviche de Camarones – Shrimp Ceviche

Tues, April 14: Everyday Ceviche