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Thursday & Friday, October 24th & 25th, 10am-1pm


Two-Day Stocks & Sauces Workshop with Dave - $150 per person


In this two-day workshop, we will be getting very saucy! We will be learning about the 5 French Mother sauces – with many smaller sauce derivatives, pan sauces, reductions, proprietary sauces, coulis, and most importantly, the stocks that make them. This is a combination of lecture, hands-on, and demonstration. This series will come with its own Gather Sauce Workbook, and lunch will be provided both days.


On the menu:

  • Stocks and Sauces Lecture
  • Fundamentals of Stocks
  • 5 French Mother Sauces – with smaller sauce variations
  • Emulsifications & Purees
  • Deglazing/Pan Sauces
  • How and Why We Thicken – Reductions, Beurre Monte, Roux, Cornstarch vs. Arrowroot, Gelatin, Agar-Agar

Thurs, Oct 24 & Fri, Oct 25: 2-Day Stock & Sauce Workshop