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January - December 2020, 5pm-8pm

Book the full 12-class series:  $500 ($41.67 per class, SAVE 35%) 
Join Dave & Cortney as they take you on a culinary journey like no other!  In this series we explore cuisines from our favorite countries, regions and islands around the world.  Learn world history as it applies to our recipes, how to use spices, develop flavor profiles, unique techniques and SO much more!!  Our favorite type of class, these hands-on classes will give you the confidence to explore new foods, tastes and presentations.  Get worldly with our Passport Series. 
West African Countries, South African Countries, East African Countries with Dave (Last Fridays Jan-March)

Friday January 31st – West Africa Countries
Senegal – Chicken Yassa – Marinated Chicken in Onions and Lemon, Braised with More Onions and topped with Green Olives
Ghana – Kenkey – Fermented Maize Dumplings Steamed in Corn Husks
Nigeria – Suya with Jollof Rice – Grilled Beef Kebab with Spicy Tomato Rice 
Burkina Faso – Ragout d’Igname – Lamb and Yam Stew
Friday February 28th – South African Countries
Botswana – Vetkoek – Fried Dough Buns with Beef Vegetable Filling
Mozambique – Peri Peri Chicken – Grilled chicken with Spicy Coconut Sauce
South Africa – Chakalaka Soup – Spicy South African Tomato, Pepper, Bean, and Onion Soup
Zimbabwe – Nyama – Traditional Zimbabwean Beef Stew
Friday March 27th – East African Countries
Kenya – Matoke – Beef and Plantain Stew
Ethiopia – Doro Wat – Spiced Chicken Stew
Somalia – Suaqqr Digaag – Stir-fry of Cubed Chicken with Vegetables
Madagascar – Romazava – Beef, Pork, and Chicken Stew with Leafy Vegetables 
South Pacific Islands with Cortney (Last Fridays April-June)

Friday April 24th – Hawaii
Loco Moco – Hamburger patty served on white rice, topped with brown gravy and a fried egg
Laulau – Beef, pork and salted salmon wrapped in banana leaves
Kahlua Pig – Slow cooked sweet and smoky pork
Malasadas – Portuguese doughnuts
Friday May 29th – Guam
Motsiyas – Chicken Sausage Tamales
Chicken Kelaguen – Light chicken salad with lemon juice, soy sauce and green onions
Coconut Titiyas – Coconut flatbreds
Chamorra BBQ  with Fina’denne’ Sauce – Selection of grilled meats with a homemade spicy sauce
Friday June 26th – Fiji
Kokoda – Fijian Raw Fish Salad
Coconut Crab Curry
Lovo – Communal event featuring a selection of meats and sides
Banana Cake
Kava Ceremony
Poland, Balkans, Central Asia with Dave (Mostly Last Fridays July-Sept)

Friday July 24th* – Poland
Krokiety – Crepe Croquettes filled with Beef and Mushrooms (then deep fried)
Golabki – Stuffed Cabbage with Pork, Rice, and Onions in Tomato Sauce
Ogorkowa – Polish Sour Pickle and Marjoram Soup
Zrazy – Stewed Polish Beef Rolls in Paprika Sauce
Friday August 28th – Balkans
Punjene Paprike – Croatian Stuffed Peppers in Tomato Paprika Sauce
Cevapi with Ajvar – Serbian Grilled Minced Meat Sausages with Serbian Red Pepper Sauce
Gyuvech – Bulgarian Stew of Beef, Carrots and Potatoes in a Lemony Herb Broth 
Ciorba De Perisoare – Transylvanian Meatball and Parsley Root Sour Soup
Friday September 25th – Central Asia
Afghanistan – Chelo Nachodo – Chicken and Chickpea Stew with Rice
Pakistan – Aloo Keema – Ground Lamb and Potato Curry
Uzbekistan – Manty – Chicken and Potato filled dumplings
Turkmenistan – Plov – Lamb and Vegetable Rice Dish with Dried Fruit
Scandanavia with Cortney (Mostly Last Fridays Oct-Dec)

Friday October 30th – Denmark
Filled Danish Pastries
Savory Ham and Cheese Aebleskivers with Jam – Puffed Savory Pancakes
Frikadeller with Cucumber Salad – Danish Meat Patties
Aebleflaesk – Apples & onions with crispy salt pork
Friday November 20th* – Norway
Lefse with butter, cinnamon & sugar – Potato Flatbread
Farikal – Lamb and cabbage stew
Polsefoccacia – Sausage focaccia
Klippfisk – Salted Cod Spread
Friday December 18th* – Sweden
Herring Selection • House Cured Gravlox
Rodbetsallad (Red Beet Salad) • Smorgastarta (Savory “Sandwich Cake”)
Rarakor med Graslok (Lacy Potato Pancakes) • Jansson’s Frestelse (Jansson’s Temptation)
Swedish Meatballs • Smoked Pork Sausages
Plattar – Swedish Pancakes
*These classes do not fall on the last Friday of the month due to scheduling issues.*
Boy, are our arms tired!!  Welcome home!

Passport Series: January - December 2020 (Friday)