Friday, March 12, 5pm-8pm


Under Pressure: Curry In A Hurry with Cortney - $75 pp


This month we’re pushing the capabilities of your pressure cookers into authentic, delicious curries from around the world.  Cortney will not only show you how to use your pressure cookers, but how to extract authentic slow cooked flavors while saving time.  Explore new ingredients, flavors and cooking techniques that you can make all with your pressure cooker.  But don’t expect this one to be quick & boring!  We’ll also make sides for each curry and talk about their origins and where to find the ingredients.  This class is taught in our 2x4 format – we’ll split up into groups of 2 and each twosome will tackle one recipe.  We’ll package up some of each recipe for everyone to try!


On the menu:

  • India: Kosha Mang Sho with Missi Roti (Lamb Cooked in Onion Sauce and homemade roti bread)
  • Pakistan: Desi Murgh Curry with Mint Raita (Special Chicken Curry)
  • Burma: Wether Hin Cay with Tamarind Relish (Pork Curry with Mango)
  • Thailand: Geng Gwio Warn Yord Maprao with Cucumber Relish (Green Curry of Heart of Coconut)

Fri, March 12: Under Pressure-Curry In A Hurry (In-Store Class)

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