Gather Covid-19 Policies

In order to comply with the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment we have instituted the following policies for our in-store cooking classes.  These policies are non-negotiable and must be followed at all times while participating in a cooking class.  As always, we are transparent as possible and have included both the policies to protect customers as well as the guidance for food service space and employees (us).  We’re excited to get cooking with you again at Gather!


Gather Covid-19 Policies for Customers:

  • Masks must be worn at all times during the cooking class and on Gather property.

  • Increased Hand Washing:

    • As usual, we will be asking everyone to wash their hands at the beginning of class.We will also ask you to wash your hands at the conclusion of class.We may ask you to wash your hands if we so determine (ie. We see face touching, cross-contamination or so forth).

    • Gloves are available if it is preferred, however, we will monitor glove use and may ask you to change them frequently based on our determination.

    • We will be asking that those assigned to the dining room stations use the bathroom sink for hand-washing and those assigned to the studio use the kitchen to provide adequate social distancing.

    • Hand Sanitizer will also be placed on each station, however, sanitizer should not replace proper hand washing.

  • Established Customer Waiting Area in the garden.  We have re-worked our garden space to allow for safe social distancing.  Please head directly from the front and side door out to the garden to wait for class to begin.  You may also come through the garden gate in the back.  The interior door leading into the dining room will be locked until we begin class. This will be seasonally available.  During winter we will provide stools at your stations that are spaced 6 feet apart where we will begin class.

  • UPDATE:  Personal Items: Personal items may now be brought into Gather.  Personal items will need to be left on the locked porch or on the shelves under your stations, but may not, at any time, be on top of your stations while prepping and cooking.  You may also now bring in your own to go containers and reusable shopping bags.

  • Practice Safe Social Distancing:  Please know that if you signed up as a single for a class you may be partnered with someone you don’t know. Please practice safe social distancing when entering and exiting.

  • BE NICE!! We understand that this is a trying time, however, we do expect everyone at Gather to be accepting and understanding of different points of view.  This is not the place to discuss beliefs or criticize others for their beliefs.  Any disrespectful behavior will be dealt with swiftly and we reserve the right to ask any one not following the polices to leave.

Gather Covid-19 Policies for Employees:

  • Masks will be worn at all times by Gather employees and contractors.

  • Proper Handwashing will be practiced by all employees and contractors.

  • Gather will practice symptom monitoring protocols, such as temperature checks and screening questions

  • Should a Gather employee or contractor feel ill they will be asked to stay home

  • Employees and contractors will practice safe social distancing of 6ft


Gather Covid-19 Polices for Food Service Space:

  • Outdoor Dining: Gather has expanded seating and redesigned our garden space to make it compliant with accomodating outdoor dining, as suggested in the re-opening guidelines.  All classes will start and end in the garden, weather permitting.

  • Increased air flow.  Windows will remain open during cooking classes to provide increased air flow to the studio and dining room work areas.  Due to the guidelines we will be minimizing the use of air conditioning when possible.

  • No classes will exceed 8 students, to stay under the gathering of 10 guideline (to include 1 instructor and 1 assistant)

  • No family meal style service.  Gather will pack all complete dishes in to-go containers for each student and hand them out at the end of class.  You are welcome to stay and dine with us in the garden or take your meal home – do whatever is most comfortable for you!

  • Floors will be marked with 6ft safe social distancing in each workspace

  • Dual handwashing areas will be provided and communicated.  Area will be assigned depending on the workspace area.

  • Stations and recipes may be pre-determined based on class attendance.  We will know which stations may work better for singles that have been partnered up and which station may work better for groups attending together.

  • Single use items for dinnerware, serveware, drinkware, salt, pepper, etc will be used during dining and class.  These items will be disposed of after class for safety.  Gather has expanded our recycling, composting and trash systems immediately to reduce our waste as much as possible.

  • Hand sani stations and towels will be provided at each station.  Hand-sanitizer should not replace proper handwashing.

  • Gather will sanitize all common spaces and workspaces between every class.


Thank you for Gathering with us!!

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