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David Cook, Chef & Owner

A 20-year restaurant chef, David Cook discovered the intriguing nature of local cuisine when he tasted his first bite of kimchi. That was 30 years ago when his parents took him on to a local Korean restaurant in Seoul.  Since then, David has explored local cuisines and cooking methods throughout the Caribbean and U.S., with particular interest in learning how different regions use herbs and spices to create exciting takes on traditional favorites.  Having studied at the College of Culinary Arts at Johnson & Wales University, David’s formal and Classical training underpins his practical experience and creative flair for creating dishes that make the most of locally-sourced ingredients combined with herbs and spices one may not expect.  Now David brings his talent and sense for the exciting to Gather Food Studio.

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Cortney Smith, Instructor

Cortney's love of food starting early in life, probably while still in the womb!  Born into a food obsessed family, her uncle was a chef and owned a restaurant and food and family were intertwined.  Working her way through college while working at restaurants led to working in 15 restaurants by the time she was 30.  Exhausted and frustrated, providence intervened in the guise of CHEFS Catalog.  Combining a love of food and product, Cortney selected merchandise, developed recipes and worked with food styling for 8 years at a corporate level, until one day it came to a crashing halt as our beloved CHEFS closed.  Taking  a step into entrepreneurship, she has found her calling in teaching.  Specialties include:  Healthy cooking, gluten-free, diabetes, Latin cooking and spices.

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